Mommy and Me Recipes

Mom and Me Recipes

Every kid loves helping mommy bake, but it can be a challenge to find fun recipes that don’t involve cutting. Here are three ideas you’re sure to have fun with, and are safe for even the youngest child.

Muffin cookies are a favorite in my house. The kids think they’re getting spoiled, but I know they’re getting some good stuff too. Simply pick any muffin recipe you like, prepackaged or homemade. Make according to the directions, adding fresh or frozen fruits, we like blueberries. Mix together and place on a cookie sheet instead of in a muffin pan. Bake for one to two minutes less than directions. They look like cookies, but have less sugar. The kids will love the treat they helped mix!

Another fun creation is rainbow cupcakes. Again, pick your favorite cake mix, and prepare according to directions. Separate the batter into three or four small bowls. Add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl. Red, blue, green and yellow are the easiest to make. Stir together until you reach desired color. Pour each color into the cupcake molds individually. The batter is thick and won’t run together. Bake according to directions. When the cupcakes come out, you will have layers of color in each one. Kids can also decorate the cupcakes, or simply enjoy their rainbow creation.

My favorite childhood recipe was dirt cake. For this, you’ll need Oreos, chocolate pudding, and gummy worms. To make it look authentic, mix in a flower pot with a plastic inner. First, mix chocolate pudding according to package direction and chill. Next, take the Oreos and put them in a large plastic bag. Have the kids crush the cookies to look like dirt. It can be a fine powder, or have large chunks. Just let the kids have fun with it. Take about half of the Oreo crumbs and pack tightly in the bottom of the pot. Now, layer in some chocolate pudding. Next, place a thin layer of gummy worms on top of the pudding. Add one more layer each of Oreo crumbs and pudding, saving some Oreos for the top. Crumble the remaining Oreo Mix on top, and add a few  worms. Chill for an hour to set. Now you have a dirt cake that’s safe for the kids to enjoy!