Feature Friday: Cherished Magazine

As I began to try to decide what I was going to share with you guys over at The Unperfect Family I found myself in tailspin. Maybe this, no that, could this idea be better. I sort of had give myself a shake to pull me out of the tail spin of worry. I realized I was worried about “not getting it right”.

Now…if you think about it…it is sort of ironic. I’m writing for a blog called “The Unperfect Family” but yet I am worried about well…being perfect, getting it right. It’s not the first time.
There have been many times in my past that I have done nothing instead of trying something because I might fail.

 How about you? Afraid to fail? Ever worry about not getting it right? Has fear crept in to the point you can’t move forward?

 Here is what I do to get through when I find myself in these situations. I grab my journal and try to figure out what is really stopping me or to see the situation from a new angle.

 Grab your journal and answer these questions:

 1.What are you really afraid of?
 For example, the first time I was on a microphone in front of people I was ready to run from the room. After some thought and journaling, I discovered I was really afraid of forgetting what I wanted to say.

 2.Is there something I can do to help lesson the fear?
 For example,when I speak, I use visual aids and notes to keep me on track.It helps me to have it and lesson the underlining fear of being in front of people.

 3.Ask yourself,”Do I really feel that I am suppose to do this and why?”
 If you answer “yes”, then write this down in your journal. I am meant to do _____________, so I’m going to do __________ afraid.

 I hope that helps you. I decided to do a quick journal sheet that you can print out and work through the next time you find yourself in the paralyzing thought process of “I can’t do this. I don’t know if I can get it right”.

 Just hop on over the Cherished Magazine’s Cherished Everyday Fall Tour Extravaganza and get your printable.
 You are chosen, cherished and loved!
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