Thinking Of Joining My Team?

You’ve probably heard me talk about It Works! I absolutely love this company,  for several reasons.
#1 the products are all natural. They list all of the ingredients for each product,  and I can actually pronounce them all!
#2 they don’t test on animals. As an animal lover, I hate to think of animals being tortured for any reason.
#3 the products work! You can see the photos of my wrap results. I’ve loved everything I’ve tried so far, and can’t wait to try some more!
#4 they pay me. I loved the products so much, I signed up to be a distributor. And it’s great! I can work in my spare time while still going to school and taking care of my family. I’m not making millions, but a few hundred bucks a month makes a big difference in our budget. And I’m sure if I tried harder I could earn more, but I’m content to just “work” a few hours a week.
I was very hesitant to join at first, simply because of the start up costs. But in the end, it was worth it. For less than $100, I got a box of wraps,  which I sold to make back my investment. I also received marketing materials, coupons, product samples,  and more to help start my business. I had everything I needed!
Then I got a $120 product credit,  which I used to buy supplies for a wrap party. You don’t have to throw parties and you don’t need to keep inventory. But I wanted to make some fast cash! 16 wraps, sold at $25 each, netted $400 in cash! That doesn’t even include the bonuses or commissions earned! 
My initial goal was to make $500 in my first month to fund a car repair. It was so easy! I threw a party and invited several ladies from church. I shared free samples, sold my wraps, and enjoyed a night of socializing. I was able to sign up some loyal customers at the party and earn even more money!
I had every excuse for not getting started. I was busy with school and family and my blog. I was broke. I was terrible at sales. My husband wasn’t supportive.
But I crushed those excuses! I took a leap of faith and took $100 out of savings. I booked a party in between exams and brought my kids along. I posted my personal results on Facebook and shared my excitement. I ignored my husband,  asking him to just trust me.
And I succeeded! I made back my investment,  with cash profit and residual income. I looked and felt better from using the product. I was able to help out with the budget while still managing a family.
And if I can do it,  anybody can do it! So if you are wanting to earn some extra money, or maybe you’re just interested in trying some products,  let me know! Comment below or email me at [email protected]
I’m here to help and support you in any way I can. I’d love for you to join my team and crush all your excuses!
For a limited time only, if you sign up by Oct. 29, 2015 at midnight, you get a FREE box of WOW in your business builder’s kit. That’s an added value of $77! You can sell this product, or hand out samples and make even MORE sales!