Feature Friday: CreativWriting

Screw Perfection – It’s All Relative

I’m a writer. I’m also a mom. And if you had to ask me which comes first, I would tell you hands down, being a mom.
Raising a healthy and happy family is essential to my own happiness. There is just no greater joy for me than seeing the happiness in my children’s eyes through their play, activities and affection. They represent the best and worst elements of myself and that of my husband… and through them, I grow as an individual… watching myself in them. Plus, they give me plenty of stuff to write about.
It is because I’m a full-time mom (and time limitations) that I’m not a perfect writer or even a perfect mother. If I had all the time in the world to take writing classes or classes on how to be the perfect mom, then I’d have no excuse. But the limitations of time and my own perception of what is valuable keeps me from pursuing that level of perfection.
Today, my youngest has crazy hair and my toddler has a runny nose with snot streaks across his face. We’re at the library reading and playing dinosaurs. I didn’t pack a lunch because we’re going to go eat horrible fast food as a treat. We’ll probably go shopping and miss nap time. See, I’m not a perfect mom. I don’t have it all planned out all the time and my writing sure isn’t perfect either. But as a mom, I get the job done and at the end of the day, I’m pleased and happy. So is my family. As a writer, my readers seem pleased as well. I’d rather embrace my imperfections knowing that I can always improve but at the time, remember with a loving heart how I spent my day being happy.



Hi I’m Leah Hart!
I’m the voice and writer behind the CreativWriter, and I’m so glad to have you here checking out the website and maybe even picking up some free ideas and eBooks. I’ve been helping writers (and businesses, too) behind the scenes for several years now, designing covers, creating content, doling out advice here and there, but most importantly, watching and evaluating statistics on book sales.
I’ve been in the business of writing and books since I first entered a writing contest for National History Day on Benjamin Franklin. For 4th grade, my writing wasn’t half bad. I got an honorable mention. Since then, I’ve become a book lover, a book supporter (I buy a ton and probably have a copy of your book), an avid creator of book covers and an amazing (yes, I have my moments) writer of business-boosting and book marketing tips.